Let the good times roll and the good beer flow...



Let the good times roll

and the good beer flow…

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It’s been over 8 years since Pizza Port/Lost Abbey co-owner Vince Marsaglia embarked on a journey to establish business roots in Julian, CA. The property of 2307 Main St. has seen several different faces during that time. As of July 2018 Julian Beer Co. was reborn. With a new dedicated team and partnership, Julian Beer Company has risen like a phoenix from the ashes after 2 + years of restorations, additions, and rebranding. Now offering a new food program, brand spanking new brewery, and an expanded/ restored venue, Julian Beer Co. offers Julian a brand new experience, for visitors and locals alike.


Whats new?

New Brewery

Our new 6 barrel brewhouse has given us the flexibility to produce more beer at a higher level and capacity. Situated in the “garage” of the historic bailey house, our brewery is nestled in the town founder home, which we believe to be very fitting. We have 18 + taps, a majority of which are dedicated to our house brewed ales and lagers. Our brewer and co-owner, Matt Pitman, is constantly experimenting with local ingredients, new and old styles, and raising the bar for micro breweries. We recently one silver at the San Diego Beer Festival for our brown ale, The Weasel!

We have additional plans to expand our brewing capabilities to our newly acquired property situated in the beautiful Volcan Valley, next to the major Julian vineyards and orchards as well as the Santa Ysabell and Volcan Mountain Preserves. At this property we will have to capacity to barrel age beers, and continue experimenting with local fruits and herbs.

Improved venue

We have expanded our main restaurant porch, created several outdoor lounge areas, built a bar top + seating on the bailey house porch, and are currently in the works of building a deck, a total of over 2,500 sq ft for you to roam freely(beer in hand), and explore our property. We have additional plans to incorporate the rest of our 2 acre property for events, a beer trail, outdoor movie park, and more!

At Julian Beer Co. we really try to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. We introduce games, good music, more seating, and friendly staff. To It is our duty to raise the bar and reevaluate what we believe a great guest experience should entail, and we are always improving!

New Food Menu

Right smack dab in the middle of our kitchen is a big brick BBQ smoker inherited from the past ownership. It’s the first thing our guests recognize when they peak into our kitchen. For this reason we felt the need to make our BBQ front and center on the menu. We continue to use local cured oak and slow cook our meats until they are deemed juicy and succulent by the BBQ gods.

We have also incorporated pizzas, small bites, and vegetarian options onto the menu. At first glance, merging pizza and BBQ may seem like an unlikely combination, but we believe the two can co-exist. Plus who doesn’t like BBQ AND PIZZA! We have a large venue and we wanted to expand our menu to cater to the many groups of people, locals and tourists alike, that walk through our doors.

Meet the Team